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How to Create a Developer Resume with Latex

July 15, 2020

Latex // is a typesetting system that is mostly used in scientific world.

Why Use Latex?

You may be wondering why one should spend much time to use Latex rather than use a wordprocessing software like Google doc, MS Word…

Here are some points I think you should considere in order to get an answer to the question above. As devs, we:

  • usually want to keep track of our project
  • like to organize our project in a cool structure
  • like to see the magic happens by typing commands on CLI tools

Let’s analyze each point.

Track the project

When I say tracking, I’m refering to the possibility to use Git and GitHub as they can allow us to keep snapshots of our resume. For instance, I can have three or four resumes in a projet: one that fit for front-end role with a focus on React, an other focuses on Angulas, an other for full stand, and the last one for back-end developer.

Yes, I know that you can do this with a wordprocessing software. So, Latex is not at all a winner for this point.

Project structure

Spliting a project into small chunks help us easily handle